Elevage Blanc de Blanc

Michael's wine journey began sourcing grapes for making sparkling wine in the cool climate regions of Victoria, particularly from high altitude vineyards of the Great Dividing Range and the King Valley. His journey has come full circle as Redbank once again sources fruit from these very vineyards. The revelation of the quality of these vineyards for sparkling wines has reignited the passion at Redbank, resulting in the release of a single vineyard, vintage Blanc de Blanc, where altitude is everything.

Élevage is a French wine making term, it is the process of nurturing the wine from fermentation to the perfect finished product. For Redbank, Elevage (el-e-vazh) is representative of the elevation of our vineyards and styles.


King Valley

Our wines of the King Valley range are taken from the best parcels of fruit grown in each vintage in the high-altitude vineyards of the King Valley. This terroir, marked by its volcanic influence, becomes a canvas for crafting wines of unparalleled depth and flavour. The elevated vineyards contribute to the intensity of the fruit, while our commitment to small-batch winemaking techniques further refines each varietal expression. Our ability to source the best parcel of fruit gives us the ability to create excellent wines.

It's the synergy between the exceptional vineyard sites and our hands-on winemaking approach that sets our King Valley range apart.



The wines from our Victorian range are sourced from vineyards from across North East Victoria. Armed with decades of collective expertise in both the King Valley and the broader North East Victoria region, our seasoned team possesses an intimate knowledge of the vineyards that yield exceptional fruit for crafting these wines.

With our team having decades of experience in the King Valley and greater North East Victoria, we know the vineyards in these regions that will give us an exceptional quality of fruit for these wines.

The result is a collection that mirrors the craftsmanship, knowledge, and passion of our team - a testament to our dedication to sourcing the finest fruit and creating wines that truly capture the essence of North East Victoria's winemaking excellence.


La Piazza

La Piazza captures the charm of the Italian tradition "la passegiata," a leisurely Sunday stroll in the town square. Locals dress in their finest, relishing this elegant social event. At sunset, La Piazza buzzes with an effervescent atmosphere, echoing with laughter and love. Friends and family gather for an aperitivo, creating a scene of socializing, romancing, and relaxation as the day concludes.


Wines you'll see in store

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Sunday Morning

The Sunday Morning range was named after the tradition of Italian families in the King Valley, who are the growers of many of our grapes and get together on Sundays to make salami, crush home-grown olives, share their home grown produce and enjoy family, friends, wine and food.


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The Loft

Nestled high above the picturesque King Valley, our Redbank vineyard resides among the clouds where nature's elements provide distinctive character. As the vines thrive in this lofty sanctuary, 'The Loft' captures the essence of this elevated terroir, producing wines that embody the crispness, full flavours, and precision that define the Redbank style.

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