Meet the owners

Michael & Lisa Murtagh

Michael and Lisa own vineyards in Rutherglen. Michael has been in the wine industry for over 35 years, working closely with Victorian vineyards. Michael's influence extends far beyond Victoria and the King Valley, as he is sought after for his consulting services throughout Australia, where his insights and guidance are highly valued

At the heart of Redbank Wines lies Michael's unwavering passion for crafting exceptional wines.

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Gerald & Mary IMG_1332.JPG__PID:4a1999fa-68f7-4e8c-8886-6301f109e7c8

Gerald & Mary Judd

Gerald is a well-known fifth generation Northeast Victorian businessman and the major shareholder in Buller Wines of Rutherglen.

Gerald and Mary have worked extensively to rebrand and reinvigorate Buller Wines and this experience is being directly applied to Redbank; both it’s reputation and portfolio.
At the heart of Redbank Wines lies Michael's unwavering passion for crafting exceptional wines.

Phil & Michelle Ross

Phil and Michelle own vineyards in the King Valley on their property elevation652 situated at the peak of Mt Bellevue, which also includes a cattle farm and bed & breakfast accommodation.

Prior to their involvement in the wine industry, Michelle was a nutritionist and Phil an entrepreneur who has started and successfully built various businesses in his career. Phil’s proven entrepreneurial sales and marketing skills will help guide Redbank’s market strategy.


Meet the growers


John Cavedon

John was the first Italian to plant grapes in the King Valley in 1977. John & his wife Helen have supplied Redbank for 25 years.

John & Helen's families came from Northern Italy and were pioneers searching for new grape varieties. It comes as no surprise that John, Helen and their son Johnny have a strong connection to the wine industry.

Their story continues today as it began with the same proud Italian heritage, dedication and passion that results in the production of premium quality wine grapes from their highly regarded, King Valley vineyard.

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Michael Murtagh

Michael's vineyard is situated in the North East of Victoria. Planted by hand by Michael almost 40 years ago, it is a testament to both Michael's commitment to excellency and the quality of fruit it produces. 

The whole vineyard meticulously hand-pruned to ensure optimal growth and fruit development. The low cropping techniques employed here result in vines that yield grapes of unparalleled quality, reflecting the unique terroir of the cooler side of Rutherglen.