The environment that makes Redbank so unique.

When it comes to a cool climate and a high altitude, Redbank Wines have them both in abundance. Both of these factors significantly impact vineyards and the ripening of the grapes they grow. Aromas and flavours in cool climate/high altitude wines are complex and intense, with the natural acidity bringing brightness and freshness.

Cool climate wines are also better suited to match a wide range of foods due to a medium bodied flavour profile, which complement your meal rather than overwhelm it. 

The Environment Around Our Wine

Photo of the King Valley air which allows for pure grape growing.


Being on the western range of King Valley, the Redbank vineyards have constant airflow in and
around the canopy of the vines...

Volcanic lava flow soil beneath the Redbank vineyards in King Valley.


The soil of the upper King Valley is ancient, decomposed volcanic lava flow soil...

Cool climate and High altitude wine produces a measured taste


The valley's continental climate provides warm days and cool nights, influenced by the katabatic breeze that sweeps northward down the valley...

Photo of the Redbank Vineyard in King Valley in summer.


There is an abundance of suitable land, with most vineyards established on relatively gentle slopes...

Photo of rainfall through the vines at the Redbank vineyards


The King Valley is a very stable, high rainfall area that receives enough rainfall even in bad drought periods...

Sunrise over the King Valley mountains


The altitude of King Valley does not allow for the high temperature peaks compared to Victoria's warmer climate regions...

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